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About Good Message Films

Good Message Films, LLC is a full-service, independent film production company focused on creating digital media for positive uplifting human story messages of the highest quality.

Good Message Films is comprised of a committed group of professional leaders from various industries who have been carefully selected by the company’s founder due to their strong ethics, character and life successes. Each member brings an intense enthusiasm and devotion to making lasting positive message films to tell stories of inspiration and significance. We seek to create unforgettable moments on film that remind viewers of our common humanity, life challenges through life’s journey; and to also take in the beauty and excitement that each life has to offer.

We aspire to selectively produce smaller budget films that are business smart and profitable and will pass on the film projects that are not. We do not produce films merely to entertain, but to provoke emotion, reflection, incite a call to action, and mostly have long-lasting effects on those who experience them. 

Our film investors will be encouraged to participate in the development and making of the films. They will be given opportunities to visit the sets, meet the production teams, attend cast parties and participate in VIP Premieres. We seek to develop with our investors new friendships, companions and partners through this company of seasoned professionals who share the good attributes that life has to offer.  But ultimately, we seek to better the human condition through the power of film and media. 

But mostly, our business model is designed so that not only will our investors make a financial return; but more importantly, a positive message for society to embrace, appreciate and act upon. Our films will be forms of lasting art for generations to appreciate and grow from.